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Join us throughout the school holidays to travel through a different part of railway history each day of the week, with talks from our Learning team at the front of the museum.

This summer we're taking a journey through hundreds of years of innovation on the railways, from the famous Rainhill Trials which sparked a railway revolution through to the introduction of diesel and electric power. 

Climb on board and you're bound to discover something interesting, with free craft activities based on the theme for the day.

Don't forget to grab your Steam Season passport during your visit. We'll stamp it each time you take part in one of our activities, and if you acquire four stamps we'll give you a certificate from our gift shop.


11.30 and 14.30

Learn how railway pioneers built the first public passenger railway.


11.30 and 14.30

Hear how two rival railway companies raced from London to Scotland.


11.30 and 14.30

Discover our diesel-electric engine.


11.30 and 14.30

Gain access to the VIP Lounge of the APT-E and uncover the story of this futuristic locomotive.


11.30 and 14.30

Uncover the story of the APT-E and visit the VIP Lounge.


11.00 and 15.00

Handle objects used by people who worked on the steam railway.

Scheduled dates