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Collection Building

Get up close to dozens of legendary locomotives from across the spectrum of railway history and engineering.

The impressive Collection Building is home to more than 70 heritage rail vehicles, including the prototype Deltic, British Rail's Advanced Passenger Train, and the iconic LNER locomotive No. 4771 Green Arrow. Some still bear the marks of a hard working life, while others have been finely restored—but all tell a fascinating story about how the railways have shaped history.

Visit our Objects and Stories page to find out more about the vehicles and artefacts you can discover.


The building itself was designed with sustainability as a priority, and its construction is intended to minimise temperature and humidity fluctuations as well as overall energy usage. Roof insulation and wire gabions in the walls help achieve this without the need for air conditioning, and a photovoltaic roofing system generates power which is fed back into the grid.

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