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Sea, Sand and Steam Trains

Learn about the development of British seaside resorts following the birth of passenger railways.

An assortment of objects from the seaside, including shells and picture postcards

Hop aboard a train to the seaside and take part in three 30-minute activities exploring how railways have shaped coastal resorts since the 19th century.

Seaside Objects

Children will be shown the role of the railways in transporting the public to seaside resorts beginning in the 19th century. Children will handle a number of seaside-themed objects from the period. Objects include penny licks, wooden spades, costumes and postcards.

Seaside Story

Children will listen and participate in an interactive seaside-themed story. Children will be encouraged to compare and contrast seaside resorts of the past to those of today.

Build a Giant Wheel

Children will build and decorate their own giant Victorian ferris wheel.

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