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Electric Engines

Design and build your own battery-powered locomotives in this hands-on STEM workshop presented by Hitachi.

Ideal for Key Stage 3 students, Electric Engines offers three activities to encourage their curiosity and build their scientific and historical knowledge.

Models made by students in Engineer for the Day learning workshop

Tour of the museum’s locomotives

Pupils will be given a tour of the museum during which they will discover the different forms of locomotive propulsion and gain an understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of each one.

Building circuits

Children will take part in an interactive circuit building session in which they will build, test and draw different circuit types.

Locomotive designing, building, testing and evaluating

Using the knowledge gained from the two previous activities, children will work in groups to design and build electric locomotives of their own. The session will conclude with a presentation from each group, before the completed locomotives compete in a race.

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