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The Age of Steam

How does a steam locomotive work? Who were the 19th century pioneers who invented them? Find out in this engaging workshop.

Railway carriage and objects used in a learning workshop

This is interactive workshop is made up of two 30-minute activities:

Steam Tour 

Children will be taken on a guided tour of the museum's fascinating collection of railway exhibits. Children will see an original Stockton and Darlington Railway Carriage, the original Locomotion No.1 and the original and replica Sans Pareil. 

Railway Objects 

Children will discover the different people who play a part in running a steam railway and handle a number of different railway objects, including a fireman's shovel, a guard's whistle and a pocket watch.

Follow-on activity for class or at home:

Build a steam engine

Children can cut out and assemble their own steam engine collage. Artwork can be used at school to create a collective display or taken home.

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