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A partnership with Durham County Council

Locomotion is a partnership between the Science Museum Group and Durham County Council.

In September 2004 Locomotion opened its doors to the public for the first time as a partnership between the Science Museum Group and the local council. That partnership has continued successfully for the past 13 years, under a Joint Management Board with some members of staff employed by Durham County Council and others by the Science Museum Group.

From 1 December 2017 the nature of that partnership is changing. Locomotion will become a full part of the world’s most prestigious family of science museums—the Science Museum Group—while continuing to benefit enormously from its partnership with Durham County Council, including generous financial support.

Locomotion continues to go from strength to strength. Exciting plans are being developed for the future of the site, including the restoration of its historic buildings, promoting our incredible National Collection vehicles and building on our relationships with the local community and our neighbours in the cultural sector.

As part of the Science Museum Group, Locomotion is joining the Science Museum in London, the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester, the National Science and Media Museum in Bradford and the National Railway Museum in York.

As the world’s leading group of science museums, we share our unparalleled collection—spanning science, technology, engineering, mathematics and medicine—with over five million visitors each year.

Visit the Science Museum Group website to find out more.